Security Risks of BYOD and Mobile Device Use

Whitepaper Explores Workplace Productivity on Businesses & Individuals

BYOD Security Risks Whitepaper

More people use mobile devices now than ever – they are central to our personal and professional lives. Even before COVID-19, businesses began implementing BYOD programs meaning increased employee productivity, the freedom to use personal devices, and privacy protection. For employers, BYOD saves on hardware costs and is admin-friendly. However, without official BYOD policies, the enterprise is vulnerable. With cyber threats on the rise, it is essential to understand how BYOD can impact cybersecurity and what measures can mitigate risk.


Cover of BYOD security risks whitepaper

By downloading this free whitepaper you’ll learn 

  • Why MDM is a costly, impractical, risky BYOD solution.
  • How COVID-19 impacts mobile device threats on every level.
  • How virtual mobility presents highly secure, user-friendly, budget-conscious BYOD that employees will love and organizations will welcome.

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