Federal Agencies & COVID-19 Cybersecurity Challenges

Whitepaper Explores the Risks of Telework

Cybersecurity Challenges Whitepaper

Today, federal agencies continually adjust to the impact of COVID-19. The shift to telework and mobile device use by federal employees and government officials has meant increased cybersecurity challenges for agency IT departments. Federal agencies nationwide need to provide agency services, conduct national affairs, and protect our country. At the same time, public servants have to safely and confidentially access agency networks. Secure and accessible technology empowers federal agencies to thrive despite these challenges.


Cover of cybersecurity challenges whitepaper

By downloading this free whitepaper you’ll learn:

  • How COVID-19 changes the federal agency technology paradigm
  • Why experts worry about telework, BYOD, and mobile device use
  • How virtual mobility enables safe telework and solves national cybersecurity concerns

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