Financial Services & COVID-19 Cybersecurity Challenges

Whitepaper Explores Vulnerabilities for Financial Firms

COVID-19 Cybersecurity Challenges for Financial Services Whitepaper

Cybersecurity was a top industry priority before the pandemic, but the threat concern is greater than ever. In a continually evolving technological environment, agility and responsiveness are critical, and firms face a few fundamental challenges.

Digitization, mobile device use, and new technologies like cloud computing are prevalent in financial institutions today. To stay up-to-date and protected in a $1.5 trillion cybercrime economy, they need cohesive, adaptable, and cost-effective approaches to cybersecurity that protect consumers’ privacy and safeguard enterprise data.


Cover of BYOD security risks whitepaper

By downloading this free whitepaper you’ll learn 

  • How COVID-19 creates new vulnerabilities for financial firms.
  • The mobilization of firms can be user-friendly, centrally managed, and enterprise safe.
  • How virtual mobility delivers secure, regulatory compliant, budget-conscious BYOD to the financial services industry.


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