Flaws in Mobile Device Management Solutions Expose Them as Major Cyberattack Targets

Whitepaper Explores Recent
Cyberattacks on MDM Security

MDM Security Risks - a Whitepaper

Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions were once considered the ultimate technology development in mobile enterprise security.  According to a 2012 Gartner report, 65% of enterprises would adopt an MDM solution for their corporate liable users by 2017. But, are today’s MDM solutions delivering? On the enterprise side, MDM systems allow companies to manage employee mobile devices. However, there are privacy concerns, security risks, and technology gaps inherent in the MDM model. And as recent cyberattacks show, the enterprise and its mobile workforce are more at risk than ever.  A better solution is needed.


MDM security risks whitepaper

By downloading this free whitepaper you’ll learn 

  • The security risks, privacy concerns, and technology gaps inherent in MDM and why you need a next-gen technology solution.
  • Why recent MDM server attacks prove this solution has passed its prime.
  • How Virtual Mobility Solutions that secure data, not hard-to-secure devices, protect BYOD end-users and safeguard enterprise data.

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