How Virtual Mobility Protects Manufacturing Against Ransomware Attacks

Whitepaper Explores Industry COVID-19 Related Cybersecurity Challenges

Protecting a Digitizing Manufacturing Industry as Ransomware Attack Incidents Explode - a Whitepaper

Businesses across the US face growing cybersecurity issues, and COVID-19 exacerbates these. Manufacturing presents a particularly robust cybercriminal opportunity. Ransomware is often the easiest way to make money giving bad actors access to intellectual property and sensitive enterprise data. 

The manufacturing industry is an especially vulnerable ransomware target and has recently seen a significant uptick in such incidents. According to Kivu Consulting, in 2019, despite making up only 18% of all paid ransom cases, the industry represented 62% of the total ransom, spending nearly $7 million on ransom payments. 

Manufacturing is key to maintaining a functioning economy and to ensuring national security. Manufacturing needs a comprehensive, adaptable, and cost-effective approach to cybersecurity.




By downloading this free whitepaper you’ll learn 

  • Why manufacturing is a prime target and how a Virtual Mobility Solution addresses cybersecurity at the initial point of weakness.
  • How manufacturing can swiftly digitize, eliminate cyber threats, and gain a competitive industry edge.
  • How Virtual Mobility delivers highly secure, centrally managed, budget-conscious BYOD that empowers employees, improves productivity, and encourages innovation.


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